Trellick Tower

Trellick Tower by Goldfinger. (1972). One out of two Highrise buildings in the same brutalist style. This one is in Notting Hill with 31 floors, the second one is in Poplar, London. 



My drawing "Rocks, Brämön" seem to be published a bit everywhere on the internet at the moment, fun! BUT it says that someone called Marcel Maslowski has drawn it - which is very wrong. I have no idea how this has happend, but it feels quite sad. The danger with internet I guess, does everything you/me/we publish need to have a label on it?
(Screenshot from  http://journal.harikumar.co.uk/ )


Leva livet som en livsstilsblogg, med Erika och Sofia så kändes London så mycket roligare!

Tiden går för snabbt!

En fin dag på Portobello. Nu säger prognosen regn i 10 dagar och så är jag sjuk. Våren kom tillbaka!!





Shadow plan


Monday 260312

One day at the Met, midterm crit.
1. Presentation day, a lot of work on the walls. Here's some of my presentation.
2.  Deserving Lunch deluxe in glass/ceramic containers.
3. John and Natalie at lunch in park.
4. More presentations, here is Charlie.
5. Corridors.
6. Natalie keeping the mood up. 
7- Hiro being tiered.
8. Girls focusing on presentations.
9.  15 long presentations later - done! Our classroom. 
10. Business time! John, Garet, Charlie, me and Hiro
11. Dinner after beer. 
12. Old school dancing after dinner. 
13. Cherry blossom on the way home. 


Sketch plan, hotsprings

Mixed media on A1 paper